Hahaha, check it out… truly the worst pun in the world right there. I should start giving all the blog entries terrible puns for titles, it would make me die a little on the inside, but it would be worth it for the pain I’d inflict on everyone else. Actually, that’s probably not a good thing at all.

What I really wanted to talk about though was this. TCHO is a silicon valley chocolate company and is basically THE geek chocolate (N.B. not the chocolate-geek chocolate, the geek-geek chocolate… subtle difference). This may be the single most exciting chocolate thing I’ve seen in ages and ages, partly because it’s a chocolate company doing something decidedly different and awesome seemingly because they think it’s a cool idea rather than based on some sort of carefully calculated marketing decision, but mostly because the whole beta testing and feedback really really appeals to my (not particularly) inner geek (N.B. that’s the chocolate-geek and the geek-geek). As soon as they start being able to send things UKwards I’ll be the first in line.

If you’re in America…. you bastard. Stop what you’re doing right now and click the bar of chocolate. It’ll take you to their shop. Buy their chocolate. Eat their chocolate and then confirm it’s awesomeness.

The whole no nonsense lets test and make the best damn chocolate ever and tweak it till it’s perfect because that’s how obsessively geeked out we are about the whole thing approach even goes down to the packaging. I have wet dreams about their packaging. I really feel that it says so much about their company and I really like what it says.

It seems that chocolate, like wine or whiskey or whatever, has a whole shroud of mysterious expertise surrounding it and so much of it is some sort of bullshit gimmick. There is chocolate that tastes good and there’s chocolate that doesn’t and although you do have to educate your palate to taste some of the differences, but the same can be and is true for any sort of food. Ever seen a chili cookoff? Those guys know when they’re eating good stuff and when they’re not, but they do it without any ridiculous airs or graces. Ramen, Chips, Jerk Chicken, Roast Duck Rice… they’re all junk food, but they’re all foods that can be differentiated on the teeniest little subtle details and THEY do it all without disappearing the wrong way up their own digestive tracts. TCHO at its heart seems to me to be all of the great bits of expert chocolate making without all the needless pretentiousness on the side and that makes me very happy.

Oh and while I’m on the whole geeky path I think I have a duty to point you to Jonathan Coulton’s website because he announced a week or two ago that he’d be coming back to do a gig/tour in the UK and you really need to go. You might know him as the guy who sung re:your brains or the ending song to Portal, but really give all of his songs a listen. I seem to remember having a realisation at the age of about 10 that pretty much every song I ever heard my parents play on the radio was about “wanting to hold you tight baby” or “oh, I miss you so much now you’re gone baby” or something completely uninteresting to an average 10 year old boy and that was what all music seemed to be about and whilst I now know there are songs with lyrics that do amuse me, it still makes me feel good inside to hear songs about DNA or mathematicians or Ikea or painfully rejected dorks dreaming of robot filled futures.