Saturday was the very first day at Cabbages and Frocks market and despite the downpours and the hail and freezing freezing cold it was fantastic! I think I even came away with just a touch of profit.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous for this week since I’d spent far too much of the week harassing people on the street with flyers (which was nowhere near as much fun as I’d imagined) and far too little time either preparing for the market or sleeping, but that all vanished into a little puff of chocolate flavoured smoke once Dawn (complete with an AMAZING poster, which is currently being flattened under Peter Greweling’s chocolate textbook) and Naomi turned up and from then on there were a constant stream of friends for the entire day. Thankyou so much to everyone who turned up and helped out… I would try to make a list, but I know I’d miss someone out and that would just be terribly horribly embarrassing, so I’ll just say…

Thankyou, you lovely people. You know who you are!

What was also really great were all the people I met. I was expecting the market to be pretty friendly, but it really outdid any expectations I had. By the end of the day I’d been given two cartons of milk and a plant and cupcakes and chocolate cake. It was really fabulous. Maybe eventually I won’t have to buy anything at all… the market will clothe me, the market will feed me and the market will furnish me, I can go off merrily on a Sunday and come back loaded with goodies. Eventually I’ll start trying to put customers off buying any of the chocolate from the stall so that I have enough left to give to all the market people (“Noooooo don’t touch that, I need it for my groceries damn it! Ummm…. it has the plague, if you touch it, then you’ll get the plague too!”) which will lead to me just going from market to market bartering goods in chocolate. After several years boxes of chocolate will be a viable second currency in the UK and I’ll be the chocolate king! That’d be fun.

Anyway, getting all off topic there, as well as the lovely market people who I was expecting to meet two (oh wait, three… but I only know two names) other fantastically interesting people stumbled across the stall.

Just before lunch a nice guy and his son bought a box of chocolates and we had a little chat about chocolate and what they all were and what was in them and what I was doing and it was really quite pleasant. I sort of thought at the time that it’d be nice to have regulars like that, but didn’t really think I’d made that big an impression. Fast forward to after lunch and they were back at the stall and the guy gave me his email address and number and told me that if I ever needed a financial backer if I decided to go all businessy with the chocolate then I should give him a call. How awesome is that? Potential investment just from being there on the market!

Even better than that though was as the day was coming to a close a really nice girl came to the stall who knew who knew lots and lots about chocolate! It’s always exciting to meet someone with a real passion for chocolate too and it’s even better when it’s actually backed up with some expertise.

And she said that my chocolates were good! (This is me glowing with pride.)

As it turns out, Jennifer runs Chocolate Ecstasy Tours – a company that does tours of the chocolate shops around London so small wonder that she has a love for chocolate – and now I’ve got a mention on her blog AND they’re taking a tour round to my stall next week after they’ve finished up with the shops in the area. Got to make something to impress… I’ve got days to think of something awesome!

Incidentally, Paddy, Matt and Jenny… you guys are now officially my “team”, it’s in print (in a blog) and that means it must be true! I didn’t know I had a team up until now and now that I do I think we should have badges or maybe hats or maybe matching wristbands… like the power rangers. Sweet.