In honour of the momentous holiday I decided to cook myself a romantic meal for one!

Aaaaah nothing says “I love myself” better than a large hot serving of weisswurst, saurkraut, potatoes and cabbage served up with an unhealthy looking side of whiskey. What could make it better? Why nothing apart from having spent the rest of the evening before eating in the warm comfort of a kung fu training session and the rest of the evening after watching Lupin III movies and eating brownies. Garrrr, feel the manly single awesomeness! There’s a little voice at the back of my head that says this has something to do with my chronic singleness and is not a good idea at all… but it gets softer after a high cholesterol meal.

There really is something singularly unattractive about this whole load of food, but really it is amazing. (Any meal that you feel fine sticking two hard boiled eggs into the side dishes just for the hell of it and have to have a really big jar of mustard next to it, can never be wrong.) German food definitely ranks number 1 in the World’s Least Romantic Cuisine Competition (with all the various British Isles not too fr behind) and so there’s no way it could ever be made to look anything apart from “hearty” or “filling”…. or maybe at the very best “wholesome” it never it gets a look at “classy” or “elegant”, but dammit man, that’s the whole point?

Now… where’s my whiskey?!