Recently my favourite blog on the net has been Yuka Yamaguchi’s sit, Plastique Monkey. I love everything about it from her strange deformed child/animals to the little videos and things she finds fun or cute, to her absolutely stunning gallery section, but what I really love most are the recipes and the pictures that go with it that get interspersed throughout everything.

Go and check out her site, it’s really lovely and I’m sure you’ll be entranced.

It’s also made me want to take photos of things… err… the family camera’s a little funny and seems to like to take photos of things far away rather than what’s in front of it. Which would be lovely if I were trying to take a photo of mum’s painting in the background rather than a closeup of a chocolate centre.

It does look rather pretty though. At least I’ve got a picture of some borscht that can go up.