…or at least Thursday was. Had some good news (hopefully) on the shop front – but I’m not holding my breath there – and since I was down in the shop area anyway I took some dimensions of the insides of the shop and more or less finished doing a layout for the shop floor and basement. It looks like it won’t be too difficult and all I need now is about 6 scaffolding planks or so and a bit more upholstery material and everything’ll be ready to go.

Ever have one of those days where you just sit down and plan loads of things out in your head so that they finally make sense and have an order and all that sort of thing rather than just being a huge cloud of disorganised nightmares? Well, Thursday was one of those days… it’d be quite hard to say that I managed to do anything that physically got me further along in the shop, but damn do I feel more confident now. Just working out silly things like how many bars of other people’s chocolate I’m going to sell and where the jars of cocoa nibs and cocoa butter are going to sit and how to protect it all from the sun and where to put the book shelves and arrange the furniture and where the best place to put coffee cups would be and the million and one other little details that have sort of been bugging me about the decoration of the shop and writing them down in my little yellow book gives me peace of mind. I won’t need to have another panic about any of that stuff for at least a week… or so.

Had another bell jar arrive in the post today, which is always nice… now I only need another 3 or 4… well really as many as I can lay my hands on would be rather nice… but beggers and choosers and stuff, you know the rest. I’m feeling pretty tired after a day of shop work/boring chocolate work and not looking forward to going in tomorrow so I’ll leave the recipe just for the moment I’m afraid.

Night night!