Hmmm, so today I’ve been presented with a brand new business problem. As you may or may not know, Cheshire Street (where the shop will be) is home to a rather fantastic bustling market on Sundays from some ungodly hour in the morning up until the afternoon. On the one hand it’s great since it brings loads and loads of business into the street, but it comes with the rather unfortunate side effect that if I want to join in the fun then I have to pay £150 to rent the space in front of my shop from the council and if I don’t then chances are that someone else will and it may well block off the entrance to the shop. This leaves me with the slightly unpleasant choice of having to rent the space from the council and make a loss on it to stop people from blocking me in or having someone else set up in front of me who will without a shadow of a doubt be a strangely smelling mix of fish and fermented grass guaranteed to cure any bowel problems or erectile dysfunction you may be having.

So basically…. would anyone like a market stall? The guy who’s got it at the moment is just about to hand in his notice of withdrawl to the council so if we can get in an application to the council fairly soon then we’ll be pretty sure to get it and so long as you’re selling something funky we can share the space in the shop and the street for the day. I think it would work out pretty well.