I thought that when I was going through my chocolate pudding phase I thought I’d made a pretty good map of the world of the chilled, gooey and chocolatey, but no! Glistening over the horizon like the New World of chocolate waiting to be uncovered and have its native population screwed over lay the massive uncharted area of chocolate mousse. How naive I was to think that chocolate mousse was more or less like chocolate pudding but with more egg yolks and cream. I think that after ganache (and just on its own of course) chocolate mousse may be my favourite way of enjoying chocolate. It’s great to be able to eat something that’s more or less like a dessert, but has almost all the complexity of flavour of a bar of chocolate, fantastic!

Most of the time I actually pass over chocolate mousse when I see it in restaurants, it just never lives up to my expectations and so I’ve largely ignored them when I’ve been thinking of how to prepare chocolate. Most of the time it’s just plain not chocolatey enough.  However, after experimenting with mousses for a bit to get Sunday’s recipe of the week I’ve found that they’re unbelievably yummy!

And not only are they unbelievably yummy, but there’s loads and loads of variety in them too. Descisions like what sort of sugar to use and how much egg and what proportion yolks and whites and how much you whip them and how much you cook them  and what sort of chocolate you use and what sort of cream you use and whether you use the yolks to thicken it and whether you scald it or not… there’s just so much to consider and I love it!

Maybe you’ve given the recipe of the week on the main blog site a tryout? It’s amazingly simple and really looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into a dessert, yay for cheating your way to the top! However, I have found an even more simple way to create the most heavenly of chocolate desserts and so I thought I’d put in an extra quick recipe this week…. do you feel ready for…

Supercheaters’ Superchocolate Mousse!!!

250g of creme fraiche (one little pot from the supermarket)

50g of icing sugar (I’m sure you’ve got sugar around your house somewhere)

100g of really good powerful dark chocolate  (the quality of the chocolate is essential!)

Dump the creme fraiche into a microwave safe bowl and pop it in for about a minute on high power. While it’s warming, chop the chocolate into teensy pieces. Take the cream out of the microwave, mix in the sugar and and beat until it’s lost all its grainyness, fold in the chocolate and whip it in until it’s all melted together. Spoon it into little ramekins and pop them in the fridge and in a couple hours you will have beautiful (slightly tart, yum!) chocolate mousse. To be honest, it could do with a little more chocolate and a bit more whipping at various stages and some egg yolks and….. but that would just completely destroy the beautiful simplicity of it. The joy is that you can go and get a pot of creme fraiche and a bar of chocolate and just mix them together with a touch of sugar in about 3 minutes, simple shopping, simple cooking, gorgeous results, if it weren’t for the bit in the fridge then this would be worthy of Ready Steady Cook.