There’s a really good little series on youtube called Cooking Up A Story which has little bits about interesting people making food ranging from a dairy farmer converting his herd to organic rearing practices to a bbq world champion’s look at the circuit. The great thing about them they’re a complete departure from the fancy flashy cooking shows that we’re so used to now, they sort of remind me of the little feature videos made in the 1980s about the processes involved in making cellophane that you always had to sit through in chemistry. These guys aren’t the kind to mess around with making sure that their raspberry infused herbal jus makes just the right oh-so-stylish flick over their pan fried baby duck breast, these are guys carving out real careers in real kitchens and giving you a sense of what it is they do in their lives.

The one that I really liked was obviously the minister’s daughter who has started a career selling chocolate religious figures. No longer is it just the Easter Bunny who gets his head bitten off when the festive season rolls around, you can chow down on the Virgin or take a bite out of Bhudda, how cute is that? She’s got a shop out in Portland and it looks really lovely with all these sweet sort of Mexican feeling little pieces of art and all these chocolate icons displayed in a wonderful old cabinet. Somehow it really reminds me of our family ancestor shrine in the house in Malaysia (in the pantry) with its little nick-nacks and random tangerines.

I’m quite curious about her recipe too, in the video it looks like she’s got some sort of method which is kind of like mixing caramel and dark (Dagoba) chocolate.  Well, at least it’s got shots of her mixing up sugar and butter and water (or maybe glucose syrup) and then another one of her pouring in the chocolate drops. The final product looked like it wasn’t particularly milky so maybe the caramel is there to take the edge off of the bitterness for a bit for the people who like their chocolate milder, but without having to use the taste of powdered milk. Maybe that’s the way to make milder almost like dark milk chocolate…. have to store that little tidbit for later I think.

She’s also got the coolest lamp ever made, I’m so so jealous!