Can you tell I’ve spent the last couple of days feeling fairly ill and watching huge amounts of Daria? I think it shows in the little mini spout of cynacism and stuff. It’s definitely left me with a burning fever almost as strong as my desire to go out and find a shop that sells Jane’s boots. Interestingly side note: Daria’s creators obviously thought that Elektra made the coolest coffee machines that money could buy too. Here’s one in an episode… sort of.

Hopefully big chunky piles of El Rey chocolate are arriving in the post so I’ll be able to have a good tasting session tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it. Back when I was looking for a supplier ages ago it was really crap to see that none of the best chocolate makers really did a substantial line of fairly traded cocoa chocolate, quite a few had one or two fair trade chocolate bars, but no one offers a whole range of them in the same way El Rey does. All of El Rey’s chocolate is fair trade, the whole company is, but what’s really great about it is that it doesn’ go out of its way to shout about it. In fact the nicest thing about El Rey’s fairtrade is that it’s not completely obvious that it is until you have a read through their website, it more or less looks like they’ve just made chocolate in the way that they think is best and it just so happens that it is fair trade. It really makes me happy that it seems like they don’t consider fair trade as some sort of huge drastic action we should take to liberate the farmers of the world, but instead sort seem to take it as a matter of course…

“Well, why shouldn’t we pay a reasonable price for the cocoa? If the farmers aren’t starving we’ll get a better crop, right?”

If you type El Rey chocolates into shopping site or chocolate reviews then a lot of places don’t even mention the fact that it is fair trade at all, but is placed evenly with the other premium single origin bars. The fact that it is fairtrade is just a bonus and not it’s selling point as it is with other fairtrade bars… sweet!

Maybe they’re working on some sort of scary meta-fairtrade level, so if they don’t tell people it’s fairtrade then we all just think as I just did and attribute them a greater degree of fairness because we think they’re not in it for the advertising gimmick, but really they know that we know, but think that we don’t know that they know that we know or perhaps at least suspect it.

Cunning… or maybe not, can’t be sure.