I just realised that it’s only like 6 weeks until the May Balls and I am so so woefully disorganised!!! (If you’re a May Ball person reading this then everything I write here is a complete lie… I’m completely on top of everything and have it all planned out to the teeniest tiniest detail really ^_^)

I’m still not sure where we’re going to end up making the stuff so I can’t really go around looking for help and just the idea of making 12,000 chocolates is so horrifically daunting that if I do end up stuck doing it on my own I probably will die of exhaustion and that would not be fun. I’m not even sure what I’m making yet so I can’t order anything off my suppliers… oh no!  Going to have to go and give the council another round of annoying phone calls to actually get them to send off my certificates. Think then I’ll have a round of panic emails to all the committees tomorrow since I’ve got a day off work.

Obviously I couldn’t waste the whole day on stuff like that though so I’m going to get cracking on that cocoa butter based ice-cream and see what I can do about a zero sugar truffle… man that is going to be goooooood!