Well, after finding rather good gift boxes the other day I think I may have just found something even better.  Pooooooooopoooopaper! I can’t even remember how I managed to find the site in the first place, but all I can definitely remember is that I did’t type “handmade paper” and click the “I feel lucky” button on google. I don’t think randomly adding “elephant turds” to everything you wanted to search for would make anyone feel lucky ever.

Anyway, initial hangups aside, the idea of making awesome beautiful paper from crap is just such a great idea! What was the last good thing you made from your logs? A notebook? A hankerchief?  A lifesized replica of Michaelangelo’s David? Yet somehow here is a company that makes all its products from littel more than elephant doo doo and imagination. It’s not just any old paper either, it’s really lovely quality, fantastically luxurious, richly textured paper…. made from dung!

After reading about the process on their site I was really quite intrigued and had a little trawl through the internet for the same sort of thing, but based in the UK. The Exotic Paper Company do a range of paper made from elephant poo as well as a whole load of other really lovely papers. However, Creative Paper Wales wins hands down in the creativity stakes by making paper from sheep poo and other interesting recycled materials and more importantly by offering a bespoke paper making service where you can ask them to make a paper for you from pretty much anything you want (except trees) ranging from specific sheep or grasses to sending in your old clothes or even your own pet’s droppings. I could strike a deal with a farmer down the road trading chocolate for manure, how cool would that be!

I sent off an email to Poopoopaper right away to see if they do boxes and they’ve sent one back saying that they don’t do packaging materials as standard or anything, but so long as I spend more than $1000 then they can make something up specially for me. I’m really sorely tempted, but actually, after the initial amazement wore off, I’m not sure if it is such a good idea to package everything I’ll be selling in recycled poo. Now of course it’s just as clean and everything as normal paper, but if I used it, I’d want to tell everyone about it and I think most people would find it a little bit off-putting. If I kept quiet about it then it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun and I’d be paying a fair bit more for it than I would for other boxes since I’d have to have these ones made specially for me so sadly it looks like I won’t be only using packaging materials made from elephant dung. It was nice while the idea lasted.

“Naturally Indulgent: chocolate that looks like rocks and packaged in poo.”

I could print gift vouchers or something like that on the stuff instead, that would still be cool.