Wow, somebody’s beaten me to being the first person to sell savoury ice-cream! It seems like it’s only available in commercial sizes at the moment, but give them a few months or years and I’m sure it’ll be on the shelves in a supermarket near you. None of them are really unusual except for pepper, which is an awesome flavour and then some so I can probably still be the first person around to sell meaty ice-creams, they’ll be just like mousses or terrines, just a little bit colder and a little bit more solidly ice-creamy, yay!

Now that I think about it though, I’m really in the dark about ice-cream. Sure, I eat plenty of the stuff, but I hardly ever pay attention to what’s happening in the ice-cream world. It feels like I’m following some sort of ice-cream equivalent of the weekly singles’ charts and every ice-cream scenester secretly thinks I’m a massive gimpwad. Oh how that will change when I come back at them with new techniques and mind-blowing-meat-based flavours!!! Who’ll be wearing the skinny-fits then biatch!!! (Still not me of course, since I’ll have had to survive off of a diet of pure ice-cream and will have succumbed to ice-cream maker’s paunch. It’s like tennis elbow, but more debilitating.)

Oh and about that new technique…. I’ve got a huge tub of cocoa butter sitting in the kitchen looking oh so scrumptious and tempting and it’s got me thinking of so many things I can put it in. Ice cream and cocoa butter go together like redneck siblings: mix vanilla ice-cream with cocoa butter and you pretty much get white chocolate ice-cream.  Hmmm…. it’s quite easy to get cocoa butter that’s pretty much odourless and more or less only adds its texture and richness to a finished product. Ice-cream is more or less a mixture or custard (for the richness and emulsifyingness) and whipped cream (for the air) so all I’ve got to do to make a cocoa based ice-cream is find out what proportions of cocoa butter, milk, sugar and lecithin turn into white chocolate custard! Would be very handy to do since it takes all the eggs out of the recipe and so massively reduces my risks and also because it would mean that every ice cream in the shop would be made with chocolate and if that’s not a fantastic selling point then I don’t know what is!

Welcome to Naturally Indulgent, where every flavour is made with chocolate!!!