So yeah, today I was in Richmond with Naomi to go to the best ice cream place in London and the queue outside it was unbelievable… it’s only April but there was this huge mass of people spreading out into the tiny alleyway that the shop’s in (which somehow managed to magically switch sides whilst we were inside the shop) all waiting eagerly for icey goodness. Just seeing how many people there were made it seem like such a good idea to do ice cream in the shop to pick up summer business a bit. Hopefully we’ll be right round the corner from the beach so it’ll pretty much just be me and Patisserie Valerie doing all the ice-cream selling if I can do it well enough. I’ve thought about it a bit before, but just seeing all those people line up for it really tipped the balance. The fantastic taste maaay also have had some small part in it.

I’ve made ice-cream and sorbet and granita type stuff a couple of times and it’s not all that hard so probably I’ll be able to do it without too much trouble. Plus I’ve always wanted to try all the freaky flavours of stuff out on the unsuspecting public. After making sure all the basics are covered (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, carmel) I can go crazy with the rest and have prune/fig sorbet or Indian desserts in the frosty form or frozen ricotta like frozen yoghurt or sweetcorn/yam ice cream or cucumber and pimms sorbet or even finally realising my long held dream of actually making a savoury ice cream that people will like… smoked salmon anyone?

Starting on Monday I’m going to make the first batches of ice cream I’ve made in ages… I don’t have an ice cream maker so it’s going to be a scary business and may create a horrible icey mess, but it’s well worth a go. I’ll be in the kitchen anyway trying out stage two of the milk chocolate challenge! It can only go better than the first time.

Took a little detour round to William Curley since I’ve never actually been there when it was open and eaten then chocolates straight off the shelf. He sells icecream too, but there was no one lining up for it. He does seem to be doing rather well though seeing as there was his wife and then two other shop assistants serving the shop, being able to have the money to really employ people must be nice. The chocolates were nicer than I remember them last time I had them – I guess they must have been fresher – the yuzu one is defintely recommended, but still I’m not sure if they’re as outrageously good as all his awards make it seem like he should be. Just a personal opinion I guess.