For some reason it’s really hard to take pictures of chocolates and make them look half as tasty as they do in real life. I’ve had a bunch of really gorgeous photos from Matt sitting around on my computer for ages and whilst the ones with cocoa powder on the outside look delicious, the ones coated in chocolate sprinkles just seem to look unappetising no matter how I crop them unless it’s ridiculously close….


so that you can marvel at my amazing ability to turn bars of chocolate into little little flakes with only a bare minimum of equipment, swearing and bleeding!

The ones dusted with cocoa look a lot nicer, yay!

Today my sis and I went out and took a whole load of pictures of chocolate in the garden (because it was so lovely outside) and on the kitchen table (to start some sort of catalogue for the flavours) and they’ve all come out quite well… I think the lack of resolution on the camera may hide a multitude of sins.

Here they are in the garden:

pretty, aren’t they? Two minutes in the direct sunlight has made them go a little melty though. From front to back we’ve got Apple Cider and Juniper, Coconut and Lime, Pumpkin and lastly Porcini…. mmm… feel the melty mushroom.

And here they are on the kitchen table:

these are the mushroom ones made into uneven blocky shapes rather than roundish. Somehow very chic, I’m not sure why but looking at this photo makes me feel quite professional really.

I’ll leave you with a slightly worrying pair of pictures, but it’s something that I think needs sharing. I’ve always been quite keen on how ugly my chocolates look in a

“Oooooh they look so hideous… but why can’t I stop eating them?

No wait, they’re beautiful!!! They look like rocks or turds, but they’re beautiful, pass me more more more!”

sort of way and so I was really amused that when the photos are changed from colour to black and white they look more like rocks than rocks themselves.

Just see the transformation…

from chocolates… to rocks…

it’s magical!