I saw Paul A. Young’s chocolate jewelry a while back and thought what a neat little idea it was. Actually I thought the chocolate pearls seemed a little naff, but I really liked the bigger necklace he did though maybe it would have been better if there had been dark chocolate instead of milk. Anyway… all personal tastes aside, I thought that this stuff could be done better and that I would quite like to do it (as soon as I got the money together to learn jewelry and then buy a whole load of moulds of course, but wouldn’t be able to for quite a while since I’ve still got a lot to learn on how to make chocolate.

It made me a little sad to know that there’s something potentially really awesome, but not quite available yet… until I found these amazing chocolate and sugar creations by Prudence Emma Staite.  Aren’t they lovely?

Prudence has created a whole range of decorative chocolate awesomeness including chocolate chinaware, chocolate games, chocolate statues, chocolate paintings and…

life sized chocolate rooms!

I don’t think I’ve heard anything more awesome in weeks and months. Why stop at chocolate though? I’m dreaming of my mansion now…

“Ooh! What’s in there?”

“Oh that? That’s the chocolate room.”

“Chocolate room!?”

“Yeah it’s made from chocolate, it’s also got a diving board made from chocolate that you use to jump into the alco-pool and a door to get into the cheese basement. Oh and over there is the salami hut.”

Just plain awesome.

In the real and current world of odd things to do with chocolate, there’s been more success with the mushroom chocolates, – possibly partly because I haven’t been telling people they’re mushroom chocolates until after they taste them – a suggestion that I put these into chocolates and the creation of the just plain amazing Cocoa-gravy (for pork… beef and chicken varieties coming soon to somewhere probably not near you).

When I got back home tonight I found that my family had had roast pork for dinner and there was a big big big pile of leftovers. Having just written about how I was going to make pork gravy the day before yesterday it was clearly a sign, I whipped up a three different sorts of sauce to go with it. Balsamic sauce and pork are lovely together so the obvious choice for a new sauce also turned out to be the best, Balsamic Cocoa-gravy is amazing it clearly stood head and shoulders above the rest. More than that, it stands head, shoulders and grossly overfilled stomach above all the rest of the sauces that pork can go with. It looks like pure sin in a jug the way it pours and shines and smoothly coats everything it touches,  infusing it with chocolatey sweetbittersourness. Combine that with the natural saltyness and umamitasticness of pork and all five of your different tastes sensations start firing like crazy. It’s really weird at first, but it forces you to love it and baffles you into wanting more, or at least that’s what it did to me.

Just in case you’re interested the lesser (but still lovely sauces) were a simple plain chocolate ganache with a touch of clove and cinnamon and white chocolate ganache with mustard.

Once the shop’s up and running it might be nice to sell this sort of thing in the shop… but seeing as it’s recipe of the week time I think it’ll be much better posted on the side of the blog here for anyone who feels adventurous to try out.

Give it a go! What’s the worst that could happen?