Oh dear, I missed out a day in the blog yesterday and I did leave a drunken note here at about 6 in the morning, but thankfully pressed “save” rather than “publish”. I’m not sure why I waited until now to write anything more, but it just seems that’s the way that my body says I should write now.

The website’s starting to look a fair bit prettier, but still doesn’t have any information on it sadly… there’s just so much messing about with image editing programs you can do and just trying to get the right levels on everything takes so so so long. I definitley do want to do it all on my own though, since I’m not sure how much anyone else could be as anal with the whole thing as I’m being, plus it’s actually getting quite fun.

I’ve also been thinking a bit about the things that the shop’s going to sell once it’s up and running and I’ve decided that it would be really awesome to do a range of chocolate bars in the shop. Tempering is a little tricky, but once I do it a couple more times I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, the thermometers all itching to be used sitting down there in the kitchen. I can feel its eager eyes boring into my mind and its little voice through the floor saying “use me! use me! use me!”. Either that or it’s my inner scientist desperately looking for something with numbers and technical trickyness to do. If you want to know about tempering properly then just plug it into google and read everything that comes up, they disagree a little bit so you can pick which one to trust. Basically though it’s all to do with getting a uniform size of crystal in the cocoa butter and making sure that they’re small and all the right sort. If it’s too hot then you’ll get nothing and if it’s too cold then you’ll get a mushy speckly dull mess, but get it in that magical 4 degrees window for as long as is humanly possible makes amazing beautiful chocolate so solid it makes Arnie’s abs look like play-do and diamonds look dull. It’s all about the magic! Once I get that right I can start doing fun stuff like making my own variants of bars by putting fun stuff in them or trying to make bars of milk/white chocolate with insanely small amounts of sugar… yesss!