After dropping off chocolates at King’s today and going to see the bank for a bit it was off to the cafe for a hard day of thinking… err… yeah. I’ve got a design for the website all mapped out on paper and over the next few days I’m going to try and convert it over to something on the computer. More on that soon.

Actually most of today was really about trying to think of a design for the shop. I’ve had an idea for how I want it to look, but haven’t gotten round to mapping out what goes where and how many of whatever I need. I think I’ve just about got that done today and the floorplans should go up once the website’s done. Since I’m not exactly rolling in money I’m going to try and make as much of the furniture in the shop as possible. It’s quite fortunate that shabby is now chic. Since there’s no way I can make furniture with a professional finish everything’s going to be as shabby as I can make it in a vain hope that people will think it’s meant to be that way. Probably health and safety will have something to say about the rusty nails and driftwood, but if their response times on the phone are anything to judge by then they might not ever find out. Hopefully I’ll just about be able to make it well enough that it won’t cause horrible accidents and force me to reconstruct my customers bodies out of random recycled organs… hopefully. I’ve got ideas for all the designs, a hammer, some nails and a saw, all I need now is a big supply of scrap wood. Where do you go to get something like that anyway? Oddly enough there seem to be loads of places selling scrap metal, but nowhere selling scrap wood. Once I’ve got it I think it should be pretty easy to make up a few tables and shelves, no idea why they cost so much in shops. If the chocolate business folds then I could always just become a furniture shop.

Anybody want some shabby-chic shelves?