I think coffee is now officially my favourite drink in all the world… actually probably a mix of espresso and hot chocolate, but not a supersweet and slightly dodgyskinnyfrappamochachino latte, oh no no! What I mean is something more like an espresso that’s had enough bitter chocolate melted into it to keep a spoon standing. That’s got to be the real mocha!

I went off for barista training today and am now the proud owner of a certificate saying that I can make coffee, albeit one in slightly gaudy colours and which now has stains of gin running down one side. I think I’ll display it in my shop with pride; next to the coffee machine seems like a good place, hopefully it’ll be in the sun and all the colours will fade and turn all funny looking and then I can spray it with coffee and used grounds until it looks like part of the dead sea scrolls or something. Had a bit of shakey start to making espresso making two really really overextracted cups of super bitter junk, but then got the hang of it… 30 pounds per square inch is really a lot less pressure than it sounds.  Also I think I might have to rethink the lever machine for just the moment since they seem a little bit tough to use. Probably though my general optimism will have me back on track for one in a week or so; especially since I’ve found that there are refurbished and ex-demo machines around.

Jon Skinner, the guy who runs the courses, is really amazing, he’s like some sort of coffee crusader committed to spreading really really good coffee around the country. If you ever think you need to make better coffe then go on one of his courses – perhaps not the basic one since even I could do that and I’ve never made a coffee before in my life – he’s really jolly and hands on and absolutely not afraid to answer any questions. He thinks that hand grinders are cool, plus he’ll tell you the story of how coffee was discovered by Kaldi and his dancing goats.

Yaaay for tomorrow being Sunday, no way anyone’s going to try and give me an insurance quote on Sunday. Been a little sleep deprived again recently thanks to staying up late and being woken up by people trying to talk business with me. I’ve definitely got better at going from fast asleep to efficient, alert, jargon spouting machine in about the same length of time as it takes me to find the motor skills I need to answer the phone. Not fun at all.