Yay, I’ve got free chocolate winging it’s way to me in the mail again. This is awesome. It would so be possible to set up loads of fake businesses and live off samples… not that I’m advocating it of course. If any suppliers read that they’d probably cut me off, then I’d be screwed forever.

I wonder if i could write to all my favourite chocolate makers and ask them for free samples. Or maybe once I set up shop people might come round like Jehova’s Witnesses of Chocolate and try to convert me to their chocolate by giving me lots of tasty chocolate based treats. For now I guess I can only live in hope.

Made a trial run for the things I’m going to cook tomorrow to try and impress a hopeful catering person and I think they went quite well… the duck braised with prune/bacon/red wine was really tasty, but the sauce went all icky, something I’m trying to fix right now with the second trial run going on in the kitchen. Pumpkin and potato mash with duck fat instead of butter is great, just great!

Just too late on a really nice shop in Brick Lane, gah… hopefully their offer will fall through and I’ll move in on the carcass like a vulture. Still got my fingers crossed for the one just off it though.