chocolates made to be tasted together. Let one blend and and fuse with the other, you won’t be dissapointed.

White Chocolate & Orange/Dark Chocolate & Brandy

Creamy Jasmine/Candied Ginger

Dark Chocolate & Apricot/Milk & Amaretto

Bitter Coffee/Oh-So-Bitter Caraway

I think to start off with these flavours look pretty good. I had a fantastic sniffing session a couple days ago in the kitchen and just went back in again tonight to check the flavours and see if I could sniff out any better ones; I couldn’t, so that makes me very happy.
Unfortunately it turns out I wasn’t being so original with the caraway and coffee as I had hoped, seems like it’s a traditional Icelandic thing on the first day the sun starts rising again. damn. Oh well I still thought of it before I’d heard of it still keeps my ego reasonably inflated.

As for the name… “Entwined” comes from Ahmed, then after sticking “Naturally” on the front seemed like a good idea. Now it ties in with the rest of the brand, yay! It sounds fun when you say it, it matches my business card and it sounds just suggestive enough…

unlike some suggestions from Gareth that leave nothing to the imagination 😀 I totally love “cocokiss”, “chocolust” and of course “choco-late-night-luvin’!” When I’m all rich and famous (in the chocolate world) and people won’t be shocked at whatever I make I’m going to have to do some chocolate body spread or something and call it “choco-late-night-luvin’!” it’s far too good to waste.

Gary is fantastic for coming up with the best (only slightly cringey) pun “Kiss and Make Choc”, it made me smile. I think I’d love it if someone sent me message containing that along with a box of the chocolates.

Thankyou so much for the people who sent in suggestions (and for Dawn, who vomited at the idea, I was just expecting shocked looks or something, score!) if you hadn’t helped out they would probably still be called “Chocolate Kiss Things that do not resemble or impinge upon the rights of Hershey’s and/or their Kiss ™ brand”

Went to Brick Lane today for training and dinner at an AMAZING curry place and had a look round the area for potential property. I’m feeling really optimistic about the prospects of having a shop again. That could be down to the funny hyperactive/happy/sleepy/fullo’energy/relaxed feeling I get from the training, but could also be the whole load of awesome looking prospective shops around there. There were 2 or 3 that were placed really really well and I could so kick the asses off any other shop selling chocolate or coffee down there. Patersserie Valerie pbfffffffff don’t make me laugh, I will crush your wimpy not as chocolately as chocolate chocolates!!!

Naturally Indulgent… more chocolatey than chocolate.