I’m sure you can remember the last time you kissed someone and it was really really tasty. “I’ve just had a glass of bailey’s” kisses, “I’ve spent the whole afternoon eating blackberries” kisses, “I’ve baked a whole load of cookies” kisses, flavoured kisses are the shit. Of course in the realm of flavours chocolate is king, so clearly the best kisses are chocolate flavoured! Specifically the best flavoured kisses are flavoured with my chocolate. I know that sounds soooooooo dodgy, but it’s coming up for 5 in the morning and I don’t have the energy to try to remove the innuendo.

So, a Naturally Indulgent tasting kiss would be pretty good, but wait! This idea can so go further. The joy of delicious kisses is that your kissee’s been eating something that you haven’t and that you can share the aftertaste of what they’ve just had… if you both eat chocolate then you would lose that joy and I wouldn’t want people to lose out on joy and would hate people to lose out on eating chocolate. Clearly the only solution is to create a range of chocolates specifically made to be tasted together. On their own they taste pretty good, but fairly simple… put them together and they become the best chocolate kiss you will ever have!

Imagine how good it would taste to kiss someone who’s just had a white chocolate and apricot brandy truffle while you still have the taste of amaretto and dark chocolate on your tongue from the truffle that you just ate. Imagine working your way through a box in bed at the end of perfect evening. It would be completely fantastic! I honestly can’t think of a better way to enjoy chocolates with someone else… can you remember a time you had a box of chocolates with someone else and didn’t feel that you’d missed out on something. This way you both get to enjoy all the tastes and the whole experience is so much more over the top decadent because of the way that you share them!

On a mildly related note I’d like to make it quite clear that this whole chocolate kiss idea has nothing to do with Valentine’s day. When I have a chocolate shop I’ll make sure that we stock nothing Valentine’s day themed just becuase I refuse to cash in on it. I sort of despise the idea of the day(mostly out of bitterness of course) but also because it seems to be that if you are going out with someone you have an obligation to make sure that you do something fantastically romantic, or at least be more romantic than your girlfriend/boyfriend’s friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend. Very little is less romantic than obligation. Trying to judge how romantic other people are being and then setting your own romance level accordingly is.

On March 15th I hope you wish everyone a very satisfactory unvltnday and perhaps even give something completely practical to someone who you’re completely indifferent to.

I love being grumpy about holidays that aren’t Christmas.

I can’t leave a blog about something so exciting on negative note, especially since I’m in such a fantastic mood. So I’d just like to say thankyou thankyou so so much to all the people so far who’ve sent in suggestions for names!!! They’ve all been brilliant and I’m going to have to make a list of my favourites and put them up somewhere or something… I think I’ve got the perfect one and it was made all the better by Ahmed ringing me up with it and then saying how much fun he thought this whole idea was!

mmm… chocolate…