Man, do I love to make chocolate! Making chocolate might just be the best thing ever ever. Actually no, scratch that. Experimenting with new flavours of chocolate is the best thing ever ever. I’ve been wanting to make a chocolate with cardamon for a while now, but didn’t want to make one that was just plain cardamon (that is sooo last season dahling) . After Patrick mentioned lemongrass in connection with cake I had to make a try with cardmon and lemongrass… yet somehow I couldn’t make it taste right and sadly had to dispose of the results by drinking vast quantities of hot chocolate. The lemongrass flavour just wasn’t strong enough unless I ground it up and put it in the mix and that made it magically taste of death, I think I’ve given up on lemongrass until I can work out some way of making lemongrass syrup.

So anyway, today’s new flavour is Cardamon and Chili and it magically tastes of graahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalammmmmmmmmoooohyeah!!! Normally when I think of making a new flavour I take out all the things in the cupboard that might taste nice, open them all and then sit in front of them sniffing until something good comes out. But today I really wanted a cardoman one so I opened it up and then went through sniffing everything in my kitchen together with it…

some things should never go near cardamon ever.

Chili on the other hand is unbelievable with it. The taste of the chili mostly comes after the initial taste of the chocolate is dying down meaning that chili chocolates have a slightly uninteresting start, but Cardamon’s flavour is intense and bitter and spicey as soon as you bite into the chocolate. Together they are awesome!!! Coat the whole thing with cocoa powder and you have the ultimate in bitterspiceyliciousness… it’s like Bruticus. I can’t remember what he’s made from, but I think it’s like tanks and stuff so they deserve to be pretty awesome all on their own, to be honest they’re nothing special. But if you put them together you’ve got one seriously awesome asskicking machine.