We’ve just had our very first meeting.

It was definitely very very serious; my board of directors and I sat down in our meeting room and discussed weighty matters of finance, legislation and strategy. Everything was sealed with firm and legally witnessed contract after being given due consideration by our financial division. All the menial tasks have been delegated or given to well known contractors, leaving the founding members to take over the important roles of the company such as interfacing consumer client networks and interacting with executives in order to broaden the approach of our coporate outreach.

I definitely didn’t invite Pat and Seb round and then spend the whole afternoon/evening vegging out in front of dodgy sky one tv… definitely not. (man am I hooked on SG-1) We definitely didn’t make toffee stuff that turned into a really hard and stuck-to-the-pan mess, nor did we order pizza.

Our business meeting most definitely did not happen in advert breaks.

Tomorrow I’m buying stuff and calling markets. Whee! Then trying to learn as much about Health and safety regulations as possible. Boo! Hopefully Seb’s going to take a look at what legal hoops we have to jump through before we can start selling people chocolate and Pat’s going to take a look round at shops that might stock it.